BF Stretch Silver/Gold


B-Flex STRETCH Silver Gold

The B-Flex STRETCH Silver Gold heat transfer vinyl colours series is specifically designed for thermal transfer on elastane fabrics like LYCRA.
It is a super-elastic product made of polyurethane, making it an excellent choice for sports and other garments that require flexibility and stretchability.
The key features of this B-Flex STRETCH Silver/Gold heat transfer vinyl series is its thinness and lightweight, with a thickness of only 65 microns.
This ensures that the vinyl does not add bulk to the fabric and maintains a comfortable feel when applied to garments.

√ Flexible vinyl
√ Lightweight and thin
√ Wash resistant up to 60°C
√ Long lasting

The vinyl's elasticity allows it to stretch and conform to the fabric's movements, ensuring that the design stays intact even during activities that involve stretching and bending.
B-Flex STRETCH vinyl series is resistant to washing up to 60°C.
This vinyl can withstand regular washing at elevated temperatures without losing their quality.
The vinyl's resistance to washing ensures that the designs remain vibrant and adhere well to the fabric, providing a long-lasting and durable result.


B-Flex STRETCH Silver Gold Product Info (en)

  • Buy 5 for €8.54 each and save 6%
  • Buy 25 for €7.64 each and save 16%


washing: maximum temperature 60°C
very easy to peel
thickness: 65 microns
super stretchy
suitable for LYCRA, sports and technical fabrics
cutter with 45° blade
minimum cut: 1.0 cm
Cut Settings: MIRRORED !

More Information
Price is per Meter
Material Heat Transfer Vinyl
Brand B-FLEX
Roll width 50cm
Length price Meter
Manufacturer N/A
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