Madico ClearPlex width 91,4cm


ClearPlex Madico windshield protection film. 
ClearPlex transparent film is designed to protect your vehicle's windshield and prevent road hazards, such as impacts from rocks and unwanted objects. 
ClearPlex is the best performing clear film in the world. The Madico film functions as a faster runoff of rain and snowas as if it was treated with nanotechnology, ensuring better visibility. The ClearPlex film creates a strong barrier with the glass and has a scratch-resistant coating.

The Clearplex film is used for luxury cars and supercars to protect expensive windshields and interiors by blocking 99% of UV rays, for sports cars to protect against road debris that may occur on the circuits, for construction vehicles due to strong mechanical stress, for company fleets ensuring maximum protection in case of damage and dangerous situations while driving and for daily cars as ideal windshield protection.

ClearPlex 91,4cm optically clear film is easy to install, thermally fitted to every curve of the windshield and protects against accidental breakage and smash-and-grab. Definitely less expensive than replacing a windshield, especially those with ADAS (Crash Avoidance Systems) technology.

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  • Buy 30 for €46.36 each and save 5%

Visible light: 
• transmitted: 89% 
• external: 10% 
• internal: 9% 
Total solar energy: 
• transmitted: 81% 
• reflected: 9% 
• absorbed: 10% 
UV rays 
• transmitted: 1% 
• reflected: 5% 
• absorbed: 99% 
Film thickness: 4 mil 
Tensile strength: 32,000 
Break strength: 100 
Abrasion sesistance: 0.3 - 0.5 
Adhesive type: acrylic pressure sensitive
Base film type: polyester 

Peel strength: 3.5 - 4.5 
Warranty against peeling, bubble formation, breakage or yellowing

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Price is per linear meter
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Roll width 91,4cm
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